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Merchant Air Separation Plants & Liquefiers

Merchant Air Separation Plants & Liquefiers

Cryogenic air separation units play a significant role in a wide array of industrial settings, providing a high rate of pure oxygen, nitrogen, and argon, liquid or gaseous product, for many critical applications. Our Cryogenic Air Separation Units are designed to provide your facility with exactly what it needs. Whatever your application, our plants have the versatility needed to adapt to your exact requirements.

Nikkiso Cosmodyne offers a unique combination of industry expertise and variety of options with the goal of providing the ideal solution for your facility. Our modular cryogenic oxygen plants can be configured to accomplish nearly any task.

As an industry-leading air separation unit manufacturer, our cryogenic air separation units are built using high-quality but readily available parts to ensure reliable operation. We offer 4 different series of air separation units ranging in size from 4 to 200 metric tons per day of production: the small air separation plant GFED Series, the medium-sized ASPEN Series, the innovative SPRUCE Series, and the versatile, high-efficiency POPLAR Series. Each of these plants are modular and can be set up in many different configurations to suit your purposes.

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