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About the Company

JC Carter is a producer of cryogenic submerged motor pumps, which have many applications in the growing natural gas market. The products are primarily used in liquid natural gas regasification and liquefaction plants, and natural gas liquid processing. These are standard hydraulic designs for a full range of In-tank and Suction-vessel mounted pumps from 300 to 3000 cubic meters per hour. All are based on five standard hydraulic models. The performance of those models is proven on test in LNG. The mechanical design and construction of Carter In-tank Pumps and Suction-vessel Mounted Product pumps is the same, as are the Inducers, Impellers, and Diffusers.

Each of these hydraulic models features peak efficiencies in excess of 86%. High efficiency is maintained over a wide range of flow conditions. The power consumption is non-overloading, that is, the the power required actually reduces beyond 120% of BEP. Head rise to shut off is generally limited to 20% which is sufficient for stable parallel operation.

In 2015, we acquired JC Carter and can therefore provide high quality service for all JC Carter pumps as well as our own cryogenic pumps.



Our History

James Coolidge Carter, was a professor at the prestigious California Institute of Technology (Cal Tech), who began building rocket engine fuel pumps in 1947 for the emerging rocket industry. He built the first LNG pump in the world in 1962. He named his Company the JC Carter Pump Company.

Carter also developed pumps and control components for commercial and military fuel handling systems.In the mid 1990’s the Company introduced a second generation of technology to improve pump reliability. The driving Goal was improved bearing life. After Mr. Carter retired, the company changed ownership several times.

In 2003, Carter introduced third generation technology for reduced power consumption and boil-off gas and, lower NPSHR performance. This was accomplished in a smaller mechanical package that reduced the cost of tank construction.



Carter built over 3500 Submerged Motor Cryogenic pumps from 1962 to 2000. Most of those pumps are in service today. Many have been upgraded to meet new operating conditions, some have been modified to take advantage of technology enhancements and a some have been replaced by the third technology to reduce operating costs.