PINE Series

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The Pine plants are designed specifically to meet the challenge of ever-increasing global power and fuel costs while maintaining the high reliability and mobility of a modular design that is container shippable. They are designed to efficiently produce liquid nitrogen when that is the only product required. This Nitrogen-only alternative to the Spruce range, the PINE4 was designed to maximize Nitrogen purity and recovery.

Structurally ideal for emerging markets and remote locations, the Pine plants’ phenomenal efficiency makes it equally suitable for more long-term production applications. It was built to meet the highest industrial gas safety and quality standards to ensure flawless and reliable performance under the most severe operating conditions.

Features & Benefits

  • Simple, modular design: The entire unit ships in 3 standard containers, ensuring the equipment arrives in pristine condition regardless of the location
  • Robust but highly efficient, with low specific power equivalent to much larger plants
  • Pre-piped and pre-wired for an effortless and simple installation process
  • No pipe or equipment construction required on site
  • Single point electrical connection provides an almost plug and play solution
  • Simple foundations do not require complicated civil work
  • All components meet the highest safety requirements of our Industrial Gases partners and EIGA
  • State of the art PLC & control elements system allows for remote optimization, remote startup and operation of the plant
  • Fast, inexpensive and effective remote assistance, 24/7 support
  • We are the only supplier that provides the option to test and pre-commission the plant at our manufacturing facility prior to shipping.
  • Easy relocation of the plant if required
  • Functions across a range of climatic conditions, from temperate to hot and humid tropical locations
  • High purity liquid for medical or industrial applications


  • Air Separation
  • Packaging
  • Electronics
  • Manufacturing


  • On-site or in-factory operator training
  • Installation and commissioning assistance
  • Extended warranty package
  • Service package
  • Aftermarket spare parts support
  • After market technical support


PINE 4 Performance Table

PINE 6-12 Performance Table

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  • Production based on Standard Design Day conditions of 26°C, 70%RH, 14.7 psia, 29°C cooling water.
  • Nm³ defined at 0°C, 1.0 atm
  • Liquid nitrogen subcooled to -188°C / 85K
  • PINE capacities range from 50 to 300 metric tons per day
    The smaller PINE4 platform has a capacity of 7 – 30 metric tons per day
  • Designed to produce up to 1 ppm oxygen in liquid nitrogen

PINE4 Plants