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About the Company

Nikkiso ACD is an engineering and manufacturing company specializing in machinery designed to operate at cryogenic temperatures as low as – 420 degrees Fahrenheit,  the boiling point of Liquid hydrogen. For over 50 years, Nikkiso ACD has specialized in centrifugal and reciprocating pumps as well as turbines for air separation..

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Our History

Nikkiso ACD began in the early 1950’s as an off-shoot of Aerojet General in Southern California manufacturing cryogenic pumps for Oxygen. It was subsequently acquired by an industrial gas company, the Air Research Company “AIRCO” and became the Airco Cryogenic Division “ACD”  which was the manufacturer of cryogenic equipment for the industrial gas parent. AIRCO eventually became BOC Gases and today is known as Linde; Nikkiso ACD was acquired by the Cryogenic Industries Group of Companies and today continues to operate as “Nikkiso ACD”.

By the early 1970’s, Nikkiso ACD had already outfitted entire fleets of LNG carriers with spray, emergency and main cargo pumps, warm up and boil off compressors and warm up heat exchangers. Over 100 carriers utilized Nikkiso ACD LNG equipment.

Manufacturing Capabilities
  • State-of-the-art CNC 5-axis machining and turning centers
  • Oxygen Clean room Audited by all the major industrial gas companies worldwide
  • High vacuum equipment
  • Dynamic balancing per QSO 1940 G2.5
  • Certified welding
  • Global sourcing and streamlined assembly for lower product costs without compromising high quality standards
  • Fully instrumented inspection rooms at two facilities
Engineering Capabilities
Hydraulics and Aerodynamics
Performance Testing and Design Validation
Finite element analysis & System design
Rotor-dynamics and modal analysis
Provide analysis support for all ACD products