What We Do

Nikkiso’s Clean Energy and Industrial Gases Group creation involved the strengthening and development of five functional units of the companies. Through joint research and innovation, the Group provides increased engineering and systems solutions for market development. The functional consolidation also provides the opportunity for a more expansive look at the customer’s product experience and extends the Group’s global reach across increased markets.

Nikkiso Energy Infrastructure & Strategic Projects (NESP)

Nikkiso Energy Infrastructure & Strategic Projects (NESP) is an innovative specialty engineering, procurement & manufacturing unit of Nikkiso Cryogenics Industries.…

Hydrocarbon Turboexpanders

Cryogenic Process Systems

Nikkiso Cosmodyne is a leading provider of cryogenic process plants including industrial gas plants and natural gas liquefiers, and incorporates…

Cryogenic Pumps

With our combined resources, we are further developing our comprehensive LNG value chain.

Cryogenic Services

Services provides support and training for cryogenic pumps and turbo expanders through 18 global service facilities. We serve the industrial…

Heat Exchanger Systems

A global leader in the fabrication of cryogenic vaporizers and industrial gas equipment, our capabilities span from cold boxes used…

Integrated Cryogenic Solutions

Integrated Cryogenic Solutions (“Solutions”) is an innovative specialty engineering, procurement & manufacturing unit of Nikkiso Cryogenics Industries. Our focus is…

Clean Energy Stations

In-House System Integration

The Trailer Mounted (TM) family of sulfur hexafluoride recycling carts allow for a mobile and outdoor gas recovery within a completely self contained unit. The carts utilize time tested and field proven technology to transfer and recover SF­6 gas through the use of an effective low pressure recovery system. All trailer mounted units have the following capabilities: removal of SF6 gas from insulated enclosure, liquefaction and storage of reclaimed gas, evacuation of air and moisture from the enclosure after maintenance is complete, recycling of stored SF6 gas through the desiccant dryer and gas purification loop, vaporization of stored SF6 liquid before transfer back to the circuit breaker and self evacuation of onboard storage tank and associated piping.

Integrated Nikkiso Products Solutions

The Integrated Nikkiso Products Solutions encompasses a range of specialized equipment and technologies designed to serve various industrial and clean…