Centrifugal Pumps



The AC/TC-21 pump assemblies are belt box driven cryogenic centrifugal pumps that are available as either a single- or a two-stage pump. The pump features all bronze construction making the pump ideal for use in liquid oxygen service in addition to other cryogenic liquids. Different styles of shaft seals are available for the pump assembly. These include mechanical or gas riding types, some of which can be purged using the optional purge system. The electric motors supplied as standard are NEMA frame sized, three phase, TEFC, C face type. Motors can also be supplied that meet IP 54, 55, or 56.

Features & Benefits

  • Belt drive design allows for higher speeds
  • All bronze construction allows for O2 compatibility
  • Lightweight aluminum belt housing construction reduces overall pump weight
  • Cold end can be removed as a single piece, simplifying maintenance
  • Belt tension mechanism increases life of the timing belt and bearings
  • Belt drive components have “full tooth engagement” for greater capacity & longer life


AC/TC-21 Brochure


  • Liquid Storage transfer
  • Liquid Storage Transfer
  • Test Facility Support
  • Laboratory research

Liquids Pumped

  • Nitrogen
  • Oxygen
  • Argon
  • Methane

   AC/TC-21 Specifications

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Typical Scope of Supply

  • Bearing purge ports provided for liquid oxygen applications
  • Grease packed bearings
  • Motor purge ports
  • Long life mechanical seal (CFS)