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The Models TC-50 pump is a single or two-stage beltbox driven pump. The beltbox is mounted directly on the drive motor and drives the pump through a bearing housing which is mounted inside the beltbox. The beltbox provides an efficient means of significantly increasing the pump speed for higher heads and flows while minimizing maintenance. The pump assembly incorporates a mechanical type shaft seal which is the CFS long-life design. The electric motors supplied as standard are NEMA frame sized, three phase, TEFC, C face type. Motors can also be supplied that meet IP 54, 55, or 56.

Features & Benefits

  • Rugged high-speed belt box
    • Excellent for intermittent duty, high power/flow applications
    • Design does not require an inverter duty motor to obtain high speed/high pressure applications
    • Excellent cold creep barrier to protect motor bearings
  • Impeller design allows for low NPSH requirement
  • All bronze construction allows for O2 compatibility
  • Mechanical seal (CFS) ensures long life
  • Bearing/belt box purge ports provided for O2 applications


  • Trailer Loading/Off-loading
  • Liquid Storage Transfer
  • Process Plant
  • Tank car unloading

Liquids Pumped

  • Nitrogen
  • Oxygen
  • Argon
  • Methane

TC-50 Table

Flow Rate Max.1000³/h (4400 gpm)
Head max.600m (1,970 ft)
Fluid Temperature
-130℃ to +450℃ (-201 to 842°F)
Viscosity Max.500mPa·s
Design Pressure:20MPa (2900 psig)
Casing Material

Austenitic Stainless steel (304SS, 316SS, etc.)
Hastelloy*1 C/B Equivalent Alloy
Monel*2, others Equivalent Alloy

Motor power range0.75 to 250kW
Ex-ProtectionVarious international explosion-protection (ATEX,IEC,CSA,TRCU, etc.) CE marking


  • Pump, TEFC motor & high performance belt box
  • Mechanical seal purge ports
  • Optional accessories include:
    • Pump skid assembly
    • Bearing purge kit
    • Spare parts kit

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