Centrifugal Pumps

TOP Series


The TOP pump assembly is a one or two-stage, foot mounted pump that is designed for a trailer or stationary installation.  It is designed to be driven by a hydraulic motor or jackshaft, by belt drive.  The pump has an all bronze construction for the volute housing, impeller, and inducer.  This construction makes the pump ideal for use in liquid oxygen service in addition to other cryogenic liquids.  If the pump assembly is designed for a hydraulic motor drive, the shaft is splined. If the pump assembly is the jackshaft version, it is designed specifically for belt drive.

Features & Benefits

  • Mechanical component seal design with composite face material
  • Oil-lubricated bearing housing ensures lubricity of components and improves bearing life
  • Cylindrical roller bearings strengthen capacity for lateral loads


TOP Series Brochure


  • Trailer loading/off-loading
  • Boost pump

Liquids Pumped

  • Nitrogen
  • Oxygen
  • Argon
  • LNG

  TOP Pump Specifications

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Typical Scope of Supply

  • Hydraulic or jackshaft drive
  • Component Seal Exchange
    • Ease of installation reduces downtime
    • Allows field exchange without removing pump from the trailer
    • Seal features composite face material
    • No need to disconnect discharge piping
  • Bearing Housing
    • Uses Hydrocarbon or Oxygen compatible oil
    • Designed in compliance with CGA G-4.7 and EIGA/IGC 148/08/E guidelines for centrifugal oxygen pumps
    • Up to 6,000 hours’ life – equivalent to 3 seal exchanges
    • Best lubricated bearings in the industry