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TC 34.2 is a fully Submerged pump and permanent magnet motor assembly. It allows for quick response in pumping and minimal product loss.The active thrust balancing system provides greater stability. And, offers longer life with lower maintenance requirements. Its VFD compatibility allows for a broad range of operation. The construction is all aluminum and it is driven by a permanent magnet motor. TC34.2 was specially designed with a “Submerged” motor installed in a vacuum jacketed suction vessel “sump”.

Features & Benefits

  • Active thrust balancing system for extended bearing life
  • High efficiency hydraulics with extremely low NPSHR inducer
  • Light weight & compact
  • Available in sump & in-tank designs
  • Special design VFD drive provides operation point control over the entire pump operating range
  • Quick electrical disconnect for ease of maintenance

Press Release

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  • Liquid Storage transfer
  • Mobile Fueling
  • Fuel Loading
  • Boost Pump
  • Low Pressure Fuel Systems
  • Peak Shaving

Liquids Pumped

  • Nitrogen
  • Ethylene
  • Hydrogen
  • Argon
  • Methane (LNG)

TC 34.2 Table

Flow Rate Max.1000³/h (4400 gpm)
Head max.600m (1,970 ft)
Fluid Temperature
-130℃ to +450℃ (-201 to 842°F)
Viscosity Max.500mPa·s
Design Pressure:20MPa (2900 psig)
Casing Material

Austenitic Stainless steel (304SS, 316SS, etc.)
Hastelloy*1 C/B Equivalent Alloy
Monel*2, others Equivalent Alloy

Motor power range0.75 to 250kW
Ex-ProtectionVarious international explosion-protection (ATEX,IEC,CSA,TRCU, etc.) CE marking


  • High-efficiency submerged pump
  • Permanent magnet motor
  • Vacuum jacketed sump
  • All parts from wrought aluminum precision machined
  • Heavy duty ceramic bearings
  • Custom made VFD drive – factory string tested
  • Dual electrical feed thru hermetically sealed up to 500A
  • Optional accessories include:
    • Variable frequency drive
    • Differential pressure gauge
    • Loss of prime detector (cavitation protection)
    • Safety relief valve
    • Dual conduit box per NFPA standards for LNG service
    • Long term storage container

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