Centrifugal Pumps



The AC-18 pump is a single-stage, foot mounted pump that is designed to be driven by a hydraulic motor. The design provides a lightweight, compact unit that is simple to install. The AC-18 features aluminum construction with pump and bearing housings, as well as the mounting stand. The shaft seal is a CFS mechanical type having a composite face. The CFS design extends seal life beyond that of a standard mechanical seal. A slinger is incorporated on the shaft between the shaft seal and the adjacent bearing to protect the bearing in the event of a seal failure.

Features & Benefits

  • Compact, lightweight design reduces installation time
  • Hydraulic drive allows operators to use truck pto system
  • Bearing housing designed for well service, heavy duty applications
  • Shaft seal features CFS design – extending seal life


AC-18 Brochure


  • Trailer loading/off-loading
  • Boost pump
  • Liquid storage transfer

Liquids Pumped

  • Nitrogen
  • Argon
  • Methane

  AC-18HD Specifications

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Typical Scope of Supply

  • Pump, bearing housing & hydraulic coupling
  • CFS mechanical seal
  • Purge ports
  • Optional accessories include:
    • Purge kit (bearings)
    • Mating flanges