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While not technically an LNG plant, the LINEX BOG provides our clients an option to liquefy boil-off gas, reducing resource waste. The LINEX-BOG, or Boil-Off Gas Liquefier, captures boil-off gas in storage tanks and transitions it back to liquid natural gas. Our LINEX BOG can operate with both pressurized natural gas and at atmospheric pressure, providing a high level of efficiency wherever it is used.

Nikkiso Cosmodyne’s shipboard-ready and land-based systems automatically control boil-off gas generated from any storage tank containing LNG or other cryogenic liquids. The system works with tanks in most applications including pressurized tanks or those operated at atmospheric pressures.

We offer two boil-off gas options that utilize a simple nitrogen based refrigeration cycle. The first option sub-cools a stream of LNG that is passed through a client’s spray header to collapse pressure. The second option re-liquefies the boil-off gas and the resulting LNG stream returns to the client’s tank.


  • Refrigerant cooling provided with friendly and safe nitrogen refrigerant
  • All major components designed and manufactured in Cosmodyn’s shop
  • Robust controls package for unattended operation
  • Cooling Systems
  • Seawater to freshwater exchanger


  • Marine (LNG)


  • On-site or in-factory operator training
  • Installation and commissioning assistance
  • Extended warranty package
  • Service package
  • Aftermarket spare parts support
  • Aftermarket technical support


Nikkiso Cosmodyne offers a complete series of solutions that are sized for typical customer requirements and market situations.

We can also economically tailor the systems to meet other capacity requirements in addition to standard sizes.

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