Reciprocating Pumps



The model ACPD is a standard cylinder filling pump made for quick delivery and reliable operation at low cost. Its sealed drive end requires no field maintenance. Its cold ends are vacuum jacketed for low liquid loss and are interchangeable onto the NDPD/WDPD drive.

Features & Benefits

  • Vacuum jacketed cold end helps minimize heat leak and reduce product loss
  • Stainless steel drive housing for extended pump life
  • Split drive end housing for easy maintenance access
  • Monel suction strainer for oxygen compatibility
  • Grease lubricated, sealed-for-life bearings for extended operation
  • Extended stem vacuum port with a positive seal for improved vacuum integrity
  • Intermediate purge connection allows for extended packing life
  • Positive locking drive coupling for improved safety operation


ACPD Brochure




  • Cylinder Filling
  • Test Facility Support

Liquids Pumped

  • Nitrogen
  • Oxygen
  • Argon
  • Methane (LNG)

  ACPD Specifications


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Typical Scope of Supply

  • Flow rates from 0.23 GPM to 2.76 GPM (0.88 lpm to 10.46 lpm)
  • Discharge pressures up to 6000 psig (414 barg)
  • NPSPR of 2 psi or lower
  • Intended for moderate duty cycles in cylinder filling applications