Training Seminars

Nikkiso Cryogenic Industries Service Centers offers an in-house comprehensive Pump and Turbo Expander Training, which provides training in theory, as well as hands-on experience. This training is generally offered twice a year (Spring & Fall) at each of our service facilities.


Our training courses are designed to improve the depth of knowledge for plant operators and maintenance technicians and to provide a more complete vision on the operation and maintenance of Cryogenic equipment for Industrial Gas, LNG and Clean Energy fields.

Training Programs Included

  • Introduction to basic air separation processes and liquefaction
  • Theory of Operation
  • Design and construction
  • Auxiliary systems and instrumentation
  • Operation basic start up, operating procedures and safety precautions
  • Maintenance- philosophy


Features & Benefits

  • 75 field service technicians
  • Service from 18 global locations, reaching 200 countries
  • Training available Spring and Fall in select locations