SF6 Gas Recycling

SF6 Gas Recycling

With 50 years of experience Nikkiso Cryoquip is a world leader in the SF6 processing equipment, offering unequal product and service capabilities. Nikkiso Cryoquip has been able to continually develop gas cart technology to improve reliability, flexibility and performance, making us your single source company able to meet all of your gas processing requirements through the following key areas.

Gas Recycling Cart: Models range from low capacity, compact hand carts for ease of mobility, using high pressure, direct oil-free liquefaction, through medium capacity, gas only servicers for indoor substation use, to large capacity, low pressure assisted cooling liquefaction and trailer mounted carts for mobile servicing.

Gas Recycling Cart Accessories: Vacuum pump carts, hot gas generators, stand-alone SF6 gas scrubbers, moisture indicators, hygrometers, decomposition byproduct detector, leak detectors, gas bottle heaters.

Equipment Training: Instructor based programs, information packages, safety information, and video based programs. Nikkiso Cryoquip offers a wide range of gas carts, and is able to configure carts to suit any particular preferences or application requirement.

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