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Nitrogen & Oxygen Liquefiers

Nitrogen & Oxygen Liquefiers

Nitrogen Liquifiers provide sub-cooled liquid nitrogen from gaseous nitrogen feed gas for the many applications that use liquid nitrogen. Our Nitrogen Liquifiers are designed to provide you with liquid nitrogen from any clean and dry gaseous nitrogen source, typically from the overhead nitrogen stream from an air separation plant (ASU) that would otherwise be vented.  Whatever your application or industry, our nitrogen liquifiers have the versatility needed to adapt to your specific needs, such as liquefying an oxygen gas stream or simultaneous liquefaction of oxygen and nitrogen gas streams.

At Nikkiso Cosmodyne, we leverage a combination of industry expertise and a versatile array of options to provide the ideal solution for nearly any facility. Our modular Nitrogen Liquefaction Plants can be configured to carry out whatever task is needed.

For small, medium- and large-scale industrial liquid nitrogen needs, our ELM Series Nitrogen Liquefier is one of the most efficient, reliable, and cost-effective solutions available to debottleneck an air separation plant. The ELM Series Liquefier features a modular design that can be tailored to fit your facility’s specific needs. Flow rate, pressure, and purity level are all completely adjustable depending on what you require. This unit is equipped with single or, if need be for efficiency purposes, dual Nikkiso Cosmodyne turboexpanders (> 500 Nm³/hr).

For medium- to large-scale industrial oxygen requirements, the most reliable, most efficient, and most cost-effective solution is an onsite oxygen generation system. Our Cryogenic Industrial Oxygen Generators  are an industry-leading oxygen generation solution designed to provide up to 5,000 Nm3/hr of high purity on-site oxygen for a wide range of applications in chemicals, glass, steel production, metals, and other industries.

Nikkiso Cosmodyne’s Oxygen Generation Systems are custom designed to precisely fit the flow, pressure and purity requirements of your application.  Compressed gas product is available directly from the plant at column pressure or internal compression or by conventional product compression external to the plant.  Our Cryogenic Oxygen Generation systems can also be designed to produce nitrogen and argon simultaneous with oxygen production and can be paired with a Nikkiso Cosmodyne ELM Series Liquefier to liquefy any or all of the product gases – nitrogen, oxygen, argon – for backup or peak demand.

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