Small Scale LNG Liquefaction Systems

Small scale LNG plants are playing a significant role in meeting the global demand for natural gas, and they are only increasing in importance with each passing day. These plants have low maintenance and operational costs with high levels of efficiency. 

As an industry leader in small to medium scale LNG liquefaction technology and processes, Cosmodyne’s SSLNG plants provide pure, high quality liquid natural gas  We offer both closed-loop and open-loop liquifiers depending on your needs, all of which are modular and can be customized to fit your exact requirements. 

Our small scale LNG liquefaction systems are built using high quality, readily available parts to ensure that each plant operates at peak efficiency, exhibiting durability, longevity, and reliability. We offer two distinct series’ of SSLNG plants: the efficient, self -refrigerated closed-loop LINEX Series liquefiers and the simple, cost-effective liquid nitrogen-assist open-loop LINEX-OL Series. To complement our SSLNG plants, we also offer the LINEX BOG liquefier, a system designed to reliquefy boil-off gas generated from any storage tank containing LNG or other cryogenic liquids.

LINEX Series

Our LINEX Series small scale LNG plant provides a clean stream of liquified natural gas to fit any purpose. This plant utilizes a proven and environmentally-friendly closed-loop design with a nitrogen expansion cycle as refrigerant. Our LINEX plant is perfectly suited for the new, high-horsepower users in the rail, marine, mining, trucking and oilfield markets, as well as more traditional markets such as utility peak shaving, power generation, virtual pipelines and commercial / industrial operations. Completely modular, the LINEX Series can be customized according to your needs and can even be scaled up or down as your needs increase or decrease.


The LINEX-OL Series small scale LNG liquefaction system takes versatility to the next level. Using an open-loop design with sacrificial source of liquid nitrogen as the refrigerant, the LINEX-OL provides a clean, consistent stream of liquid natural gas. This low capital, simple-to-operate approach to liquefaction is perfect for pilot projects where the market is still being tested. 


While not technically an LNG plant in its own right, the LINEX BOG provides our clients an option to liquefy boil-off gas, reducing resource waste. The LINEX-BOG, or Boil-Off Gas Liquifier, captures boil-off gas in storage tanks and transitions it back to liquid natural gas. Our LINEX BOG can operate with both pressurized natural gas and at atmospheric pressure, providing a high level of efficiency wherever it’s used.

Pure LNG in Every Scenario

Thanks to our experience in hydrocarbon separation, we can produce LNG at most any quality that is required.  Regardless of your technical requirements, our small scale LNG plants give you access to reliable parts and an extensive array of customization options and controls. We offer support and assistance throughout the installation process, and we are always available for onsite maintenance or remote assistance. 

Expert Service Across the Globe

As leaders in Small Scale LNG liquefaction technology, Cosmodyne works hard to provide the tools needed to operate your plant with a high degree of efficiency. Through our service and support, we aspire to assist you with your operational goals in any way we can. We have service centers located all over the world, making in-person support accessible and convenient.

Our Customer Service Department is staffed entirely by knowledgeable professionals with technical expertise in multiple industrial fields to provide better, more informed input. Whether you are having a problem with your plant or you just want more information on any given facet of your plant, Cosmodyne gives you the support you need to keep your plant operating, worry-free.

If a more significant problem arises or if you simply need hands-on support, we also offer onsite care from a trained team of professionals. Our team has a wealth of experience working with small scale LNG liquefaction systems, and can both carry out and guide you through regular maintenance, instrument calibration, and equipment performance optimization. Additionally, Cosmodyne provides a controls package to give you direct access to the experience of our global technicians and engineers with remote access, further simplifying the troubleshooting process. With our expert care and support, your plant will operate at its peak year-round. 

Through our onsite care, helpful customer service department, and remote assistance, Cosmodyne helps you address any and all challenges you might face with your small scale LNG plant, ensuring that your plant and facility operate as they should.