Industrial Oxygen Generator

For medium- to large-scale industrial oxygen requirements, the most reliable, most efficient, and most cost-effective solution is an onsite oxygen generation system. Our Cryogenic Industrial Oxygen Generators  are an industry-leading oxygen generation solution designed to provide up to 5,000 Nm3/hr of high purity on-site oxygen for a wide range of applications in chemicals, glass, steel production, metals, and other industries.

COSMODYNE’s Oxygen Generation Systems are custom designed to precisely fit the flow, pressure and purity requirements of your application.  Compressed gas product is available directly from the plant at column pressure or internal compression or by conventional product compression external to the plant.  Our Cryogenic Oxygen Generation systems can also be designed to produce nitrogen and argon simultaneous with oxygen production and can be paired with a COSMODYNE ELM Series Liquefier to liquefy any or all of the product gases – nitrogen, oxygen, argon – for backup or peak demand. 

Controllable, Reliable Oxygen Generation Systems

Regardless of your specific technical requirements, our industrial oxygen generators can provide you with the on-site oxygen, nitrogen, and argon required for your process. Our process control systems are designed for unattended operation, so with Cosmodyne, you can be sure that your oxygen supply will always be available at the correct flow rate, purity, and pressure, to maintain your process system and keep it operating the way that it should.

When you choose a Cosmodyne product, you aren’t simply purchasing an industry-leading solution, you are gaining access to a professional team with a wealth of experience, high-quality, readily available parts and service, and both onsite and remote assistance and support throughout installation and start-up. 

Our Commitment to Quality Service

As an industry leader in oxygen generation systems, Cosmodyne is committed to providing the best possible service and care for your oxygen generator. We have service centers located all over the world, and our Customer Service Department is staffed by seasoned technical professional with backgrounds in a multitude of different industries to provide a broad spectrum of experience. No matter your issue or question, you will have the support you need. 

In addition to our service centers and knowledgeable customer service, we offer onsite care from our highly-trained team of specialists. Our onsite care can help you with routine maintenance, instrument calibration, performance optimization, and much more. Additionally, our controls package gives our technicians and engineers around the globe the ability to remotely tie into your plant and help you troubleshoot any issue or problem you might face. Our maintenance program is designed to help you keep your oxygen generation system operating at its peak year-round. 

Cosmodyne’s onsite care and expert assistance, available both online and in our service centers, will help you with any and all challenges you might face, guaranteeing that your oxygen generator operates as it should.