Onsite Cryogenic Nitrogen Generator

Onsite Nitrogen Generators are an efficient, cost-effective and reliable alternative to a liquid nitrogen supply scheme.  Our high-performance Nitrogen Generators produce gaseous nitrogen by cryogenic distillation of ambient air for a wide range of industrial applications, including inerting and purging, heat treating, refining, and chemicals, just to name a very few. Whatever you require from your nitrogen generation systems, we can help you choose the perfect nitrogen gas generator and customize it to fit the requirements of your application. 

Cosmodyne’s nitrogen generators can be set up to fit in any context based on your needs. We can customize your generator’s flow rate, pressure, flow rate over time, and level of purity, meeting your needs exactly in one efficient, performance-oriented solution. 

Our cryogenic nitrogen generators are built using only the highest-quality components to ensure durability and longevity. We offer two distinct series of high-purity nitrogen generators: our liquid-assist LGN Series and our efficient and easily maintained, self-refrigerated TGN Series. 

LGN Series

The LGN Series N2 Cryogenic Gas Generators can produce from 600 to 2500 Nm3/hr of high purity gaseous nitrogen by cryogenic distillation of ambient air. Our LGN Series nitrogen gas generators require a small supply of liquid nitrogen for process refrigeration and purification, eliminating the need for a turboexpander. These plants feature a compact, modular design, automatic process control designed for unattended operation, remote access and control, and easy access for maintenance tasks. The LGN Series consists of three modules: an Air Compressor Module (ACM) that provides the process air, a Warm Equipment Module (WEM) that purifies the process air, a Cold Box Module  (CBM) that houses the distillation equipment. 

TGN Series

Our TGN Series Nitrogen Generators are designed to provide up to 5000 Nm3/hr of high quality gaseous nitrogen with cryogenic purity. This nitrogen generation plant is self-refrigerated, using an in-house designed and fabricated NIKKISO ACD Turboexpander to produce process refrigeration.  A small amount of liquid nitrogen is also produced to provide additional product for demands and backup. Like the LGN, the TGN Series consists of three modules: an Air Compressor Module (ACM), a Warm Equipment Module (WEM) and a Cold Box Module (CBM). Each of these three modules are pre-wired and pre-piped for ease of installation. Also like the LGN, the TGN Series features automatic process control for unattended operation, further simplifying operation.  

Both the LGN and TGN Series plants can be installed within a few days.

Purity, Reliability, and Control

Our Nitrogen Generators provide you with high purity nitrogen to your specification, reliable equipment and parts, and accessible controls and customization options. Our modular systems can easily be customized to fit even the most unique set of requirements.Cosmodyne’s Nitrogen Generation Systems are designed to provide all of these elements within each plant. Our nitrogen generators are built  with premium-quality components parts to provide you with the most reliable gas supply solution. Our experienced team of technicians provide customer support, both onsite and remote, from the very beginning of the project through onsite installation assistance, training, and start-up.

Service and Care

Cosmodyne is a leading Nitrogen Gas Generator supplier, with service centers located across the globe. Our Customer Service Department is staffed by seasoned, knowledgeable technical professionals with experience in a wide variety of different industrial backgrounds, giving you the support you need should problems arise or if you simply have questions.

We also offer onsite care from our highly-trained team of specialists that can help you with anything from routine maintenance to instrument calibration to performance optimization. Our controls package allows our technicians and engineers around the globe to tie into your plant and help you troubleshoot any issue that may occur.  Our maintenance specialists can help you ensure that your cryogenic nitrogen generation plant is operating at its peak year-round.

Cosmodyne’s onsite care and expert assistance online and in our service centers helps you with any and all challenges you might face, guaranteeing that your nitrogen plant operates as it should.