Cryogenic Air Separation Unit

Cryogenic air separation units play a significant role in a wide array of industrial settings, providing a high rate of pure oxygen, nitrogen, and argon, liquid or gaseous product, for many critical applications. Our Cryogenic Air Separation Units are designed to provide your facility with exactly what it needs. Whatever your application, our plants have the versatility needed to adapt to your exact requirements.

Cosmodyne offers a unique combination of industry expertise and variety of options with the goal of providing the ideal solution for your facility. Our modular cryogenic oxygen plants can be configured to accomplish nearly any task. 

As an industry-leading air separation unit manufacturer, our cryogenic air separation units are built using high-quality but readily available parts to ensure reliable operation. We offer 4 different series of air separation units ranging in size from 4 to 200 metric tons per day of production: the small air separation plant GFED Series, the medium-sized ASPEN Series, the innovative SPRUCE Series, and the versatile, high-efficiency POPLAR Series. Each of these plants are modular and can be set up in many different configurations to suit your purposes.

GFED Series

The GFED Series is a packaged cryogenic oxygen plant that produces liquid Oxygen and liquid Nitrogen. Designed for smaller, lower output applications, the GFED is an excellent solution for any facility requiring efficient, small-scale solutions, with capacities ranging from 4 to 7 metric tons per day. With a compact modular design, the GFED Series plant is designed to minimize transportation and handling expenses and enable rapid on-site installation.  The plant consists of three modules: feed air compressor, air purification module, and cold box. The GFED can be installed and commissioned in days. Over 50 GFED Series plants are currently producing liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen for medical, industrial, oil field and military applications in some of the most remote corners of the planet.


Cosmodyne’s SPRUCE Series is the industry standard Oxygen and Nitrogen air separation plant in its size class. Designed specifically to meet the challenge of ever-increasing global power and fuel costs while maintaining the high reliability and mobility of container-shippable, modular design, the SPRUCE is built according to the highest industrial gas safety and quality standards to ensure flawless and reliable performance under even the most severe operating conditions. With its modular, mobile design and a capacity of 7 to 20 metric tons per day, the SPRUCE Series is the perfect choice for remote locations and new facilities.

ASPEN Series

Built to the highest standards of reliability and efficiency, the ASPEN is our a medium-sized cryogenic air separation plant.  The Aspen Series is designed to produce liquid nitrogen, oxygen and, as an option, liquid argon. Plant capacities range from 15 to 35 metric tons per day of combined liquid products with an optional high purity nitrogen gas stream 

for future liquefaction or on-site pipeline.  This air separation unit is also features the option to operate in maximum oxygen mode, in which gaseous nitrogen can be created for other on-site nitrogen needs. The Aspen Series also features COSMODYNE’s trademark modularity. Under normal conditions the ASPEN Series can be installed and commissioned within 30 days of arrival the site.


Our largest standard cryogenic oxygen plant, the POPLAR Series produces liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, and, as an option, liquid argon for both industrial and medical applications. Capacities range from just over 40 metric tons per day to 200 metric tons per day of total liquid product. Like the ASPEN Series, POPLAR is available with an optional high purity nitrogen gas stream.  Despite its large production level, the POPLAR features a relatively compact modular design that can be shipped and installed quickly and easily. This plant is the perfect representation of Cosmodyne’s 50 years of experience in the field. With world class energy efficiency, the POPLAR Series is second to none in performance, reliability and functionality. 

Expert Service Across the Globe

A leading global cryogenic oxygen plant manufacturer, Cosmodyne is dedicated to providing you with all of the tools you need to operate and maintain your plant as well as the best possible service and support. Our service centers, located all over the world, make in-person support accessible. For more immediate support, our Customer Service Department is operated by seasoned and knowledgeable professionals with technical expertise in a wide array of industrial fields. Whether a problem has emerged or you simply have a few operational questions, Cosmodyne gives you the support you need to operate your plant with ease. 

Most field problems are quickly resolved by remote access to your plant by our technical support staff but if a bigger problem occurs or you just need hands-on support, we also offer onsite care. Our trained team of professionals has a great deal of experience with cryogenic oxygen plants and air separation units, and can carry out and guide you through regular maintenance, instrument calibration, and equipment performance optimization. To further simplify troubleshooting, the Cosmodyne controls package gives you direct access to the experience of our technicians and engineers across the globe via remote control. With our expert care and support, your plant will operate at its peak year-round. 

Through our onsite care, helpful customer service department, and remote assistance, Cosmodyne helps you address any and all challenges you might face with your cryogenic oxygen plant, ensuring that your plant operates as it should.