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Hydrogen is most abundant molecules in the universe and already used in our society as variety of industrial feedstocks for ammonia productions, refinery, metal productions and so on. As more hydrogen is being produced in net-carbon-emission-free methods, its field of use is being expanded to fuels: mobility, power or heat generation. One of the problems with the use as fuel is hydrogen’s low energy density in ambient temperature and pressure. One way to increase the low energy density is by using LH2 (liquid hydrogen) as energy carrier. The use of LH2 as an energy carrier had been very limited for rockets engine fuel. LH2 market is now growing with fueling stations for fuel cell vehicles; forklifts, passenger vehicles, buses, trucks, material handling vehicles, mining vehicles, or other commercial vehicles. For dispensing these vehicles, LH2 is stored in the ground storage and converted to gaseous hydrogen by pumping and vaporizing before dispensing into the vehicles. Because the utilization of the fuel stations is becoming higher, it gives rise to LH2 liquefaction from produced gaseous hydrogen, trailers loading and transportation and offloading at fueling stations. Further expansion of field of use of LH2 is being made for transportation of LH2 carrier, fuel for marine vessels, trains, airplanes.


For more than 30 years, Nikkiso Clean Energy & Industrial Gases Group have accumulated our advanced expertise through a variety of customers’ experiences and can provide high-performance, reliable solutions for hydrogen applications. Pumps Unit has sold 400+ LH2 pumps and has largest range of cryogenic pumps. Heat Exchangers Unit has sold 100+ heat exchangers or vaporizers and supply them in part as cryogenic systems. Integrated Cryogenic Solutions Unit has more than 15 years experiences on design, engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction, commissioning or maintenance of fueling stations or LH2 supply solutions.


  • High Pressure LH2 reciprocating pumps
    LH2 centrifugal pumps
    LH2 booster pump
    LH2 transfer pump

Heat Exchangers Systems

  • Heat exchanger / vaporizer
    pressure builder / superheater / subcooler
    Regasification valve skid
    Gas valve system / vacuum jacket piping

LH2 Integrated Solutions

  • Fueling Stations
    350bar or lower dispensing for: fuel cell buses, forklifts, trucks, trains, etc.
    700bar dispensing for: fuel cell passenger vehicles, trucks, etc.
    LH2 Supply Solutions
    LH2 trailer offloading stations or satellites
    LH2/GH2 trailer loading stations or satellites
    LH2 transfilling stations with above trailer loading stations or satellites
    LH2 bunkering system
    LH2 fuel gas supply system (FGSS)
    LH2 regasification system

Nikkiso CE&IG – Hydrogen Energy Edition (Viewable)
Nikkiso CE&IG – Hydrogen Energy Edition (Printable)

  • Value Chain [link to hydrogen value chain webpage]
    Broad range of Nikkiso Clean Energy & Industrial Gases Group products can cover and support hydrogen value chain from liquid hydrogen process and transportation through filling and consumption.

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