Air Separation Unit (ASU) Specifications

Cosmodyne’s Customer Supplied Solution ASUs vary in within size range from approximately 1,600 NM3/hr (~60 sTPD) to 9,000 NM3/hr (~340 sTPD) of gaseous oxygen production.  This size limitation allows Cosmodyne to maximize our strong emphasis on modularization to reduce fabrication cost, reduce plant installation duration and field assembly risk factors, and overall schedule duration.  Co-production of both nitrogen and argon can be produced based on the process cycle selected to maximize efficiency for the customer’s exact product requirements.

Cosmodyne, as directed by the customer specifications, can provide a solution that will provide the following:

Maximizing value:

  • Power vs CAPEX optimizations
  • Process cycle optimization
  • Exact product production as per the customer’s requirements
  • Integration with Cosmodyne’s Pre-Engineered Solutions
  • Comprehensive Scope of Supply

Enhanced reliability solutions

Customer specification compliance

Customized site layouts to customer specifications

EPC / Consultant Partnering