Air Separation Plants & Liquefiers

Benefits of Cosmodyne Standard Plants:
  • Comprehensive standard product line, 5 to 300 MTPD, air separation plants and nitrogen liquefiers
  • Innovative, custom gas/liquid plant solutions designed to specific customer requirements
  • Modular plant design simplifies installation, minimizes installation time and cost
  • Rigorous standards of quality and workmanship ensure maximum reliability
  • Automated plant control provides optimum operational efficiency, minimum operating cost
  • Can meet the most rigorous mechanical and electrical standards required in most regions of the world
  • Global sales and after-sales support assure our customers have our attention 24/7
Cryogenic air separation plants play a major role in global economic growth, providing the industrial gases required by a wide range of industries including steelmaking, electronics, metals, glass making, oil and gas, chemicals, food, water, medical, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and many others. Reliable supply of oxygen, nitrogen and argon is a fundamental requirement for industrialization. Reliable supply is our number one priority.

Standard Cosmodyne Air Separation Plant Standard Cosmodyne Air Separation Plant

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