The Growing Role of SSLNG Plants

Despite its relatively recent expansion into the energy marketplace, Small-Scale Liquefied Natural Gas (or SSLNG) has swiftly grown into a significant energy source for a wide variety of industries. In everything from fueling heavy road transport and marine operations to providing consistent, high-quality natural gas for manufacturing operations, SSLNG plants have proven their worth time and time again, which is reflected in their rapid increase in popularity. In fact, by 2030, the size of the market is expected to exceed 100 million tons per year, which amounts to a massive investment in low-emission energy and efficient operations. 


But what does this mean for today’s industry? 


Practical Strategies and SSLNG

In the energy marketplace, natural gas has been steadily making gains for some time now due to its low cost, high efficiency, and low carbon emissions. However, until somewhat recently, the power of natural gas was limited due to supply being primarily relegated to offsite generation. Across numerous industries, the adoption of the SSLNG plant has made onsite generation a reality for many operations, particularly those in remote locations with costly offsite supply lines. These remote facilities, which might be separated from suppliers by forests, mountains, or even oceans, obviously stand to benefit considerably from onsite gas generation. 


By creating their own gas supply onsite, remote facilities can make moves to eliminate a large cost driver, enabling a new level of budgetary efficiency. This slash in operations costs is only furthered when environmental compliance is factored in, as the low emissions and simplified supply lines empowers facilities to meet and exceed current regulatory goals and helps prepare facilities for inevitable new regulations. 


From the clear benefits offered by onsite gas supply and the rapid adoption of SSLNG plants across different industries, the value of this methodology is clear and cannot be ignored any longer. Based on the upward trend of SSLNG plant use, it is becoming increasingly clear that onsite gas generation will become all but mandatory in the competitive landscape of the future. Many facilities will need to adopt an onsite generation strategy in order to keep up with competitors. Early adopters have a clear advantage here, as simplified supply lines and lower energy costs tend to pay significant dividends over the long term, not to mention the competitive benefits. That’s why we recommend starting now.


Cosmodyne’s SSLNG Line

As natural gas pioneers for over 60 years, Cosmodyne offers the rare combination of cutting edge insight and practical solutions that can help you bring a competitive edge to your facility. We offer 2 powerful SSLNG solutions: the always-reliable LINEX Series and the versatile LINEX-OL Series, as well as the LINEX BOG, which captures boil-off gas for future use. Our SSLNG plants are highly modular, designed to be easily shipped to even the most remote locations, and come with access to our highly-experienced support team. If you’d like to learn more about our solutions or who we are as a company, please feel free to reach out to us today!