Onsite Gas Generation Plants

LGN - Liquid Assist

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The LGN series plants produce high purity gaseous nitrogen (600 – 1000 Nm³/hr) by cryogenic distillation of atmospheric air. The generator is a liquid assist type and features a compact and modular design.

The plant utilizes an air compressor to provide feed air that operates above the gas Nitrogen delivery pressure. A small amount of liquid Nitrogen is necessary to be added to the top tray of the distillation column to provide additional refrigeration required for the plant to make up for the cold box heat loss.

The plant layout is configured to provide maximum efficiency and ease of maintenance. The plant consists of three modules, an Air Compressor Module (ACM) that provides process air, a Warm Equipment Module (WEM) that purifies compressed air and a Cold Box Module (CBM) that houses the distillation equipment.

Features & Benefits

  • The LGN series process control is automatic. It is designed for unattended operation. Once the plant is started and running, the air separation process, purity control and all the subsystems external to cold box are fully automatic.


  • Emerging Markets
  • Remote Locations
  • Medical
  • Industrial
  • Oil Field
  • Military
  • Metal Processing
  • Glass
  • Food


  • On-site or in-factory operator training
  • Installation and commissioning assistance
  • Extended warranty package
  • Service package
  • Aftermarket spare parts support
  • Aftermarket technical support

LGN Performance Table