Nikkiso Expander Application Technique (NEAT)

Nikkiso Expander Application Technique (NEAT) designs and produces a complete range of superior quality, turboexpander products ensuring customer satisfaction.

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  • Turboexpander-Centrifugal Compressors
  • Turboexpander-External Gear Generators
  • Turboexpander-Integral Gear Generators
  • Turboexpander-High Speed Generators
  • Turboexpander-Oil Brakes
About the Company

Nikkiso Expander Application Technique (NEAT) is a pioneering manufacturer and supplier of comprehensive Turboexpander solutions, including auxiliary systems, PLC-based control systems, and a myriad of other related equipment. Our Turboexpanders are meticulously designed and manufactured, catering to the intricate needs of the petrochemical, power generation, and air separation sectors. Each Turboexpander package is custom-built, varying in capacity and capabilities to meet distinct client prerequisites. Our auxiliary systems enhance the functionality and longevity of our Turboexpanders, ensuring uninterrupted and efficient operations. In addition, our PLC-based control systems are crafted for superior process control, increasing reliability, and boosting productivity. With a steadfast commitment to technological innovation and client satisfaction, Nikkiso Expander Application Technique is the go-to choice for robust and reliable Turboexpander solutions.

Engineering & Design

Our team of engineers and technicians have years of experience in turboexpander design and development, and they work closely with our customers to understand their specific needs and requirements. This allows us to tailor our machines to meet each customer’s specific requirements, delivering a solution that is both cost-effective and reliable.

Clean Sheet Design

Beginning from a straightforward gas dynamics datasheet, NEAT design and development engineers quickly formulate a detailed plan. By separating even the most complex projects into its constituent parts, the engineering department integrates the contribution of each engineer’s talent. Mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, instrumentation and control system engineers, project engineers, machine designers, and aerodynamicists comprise NEAT engineering staff. It is the technical staff’s depth of expertise that fosters confidence in each and everything we design.

Our highly experienced Project Managers and Product Designers have a wide range of knowledge in rotating equipment particularly Turboexpanders and related auxiliaries. They are responsible for the component selections and procurement as well as the successful implementation of project designs.

Manufacturing Facilities

In our manufacturing facilities fabrication and welding are performed by skilled artisans. With decades of experience in Turbomachinery, our manufacturing team’s meticulous craftsmanship is evident in every fabricated and assembled component. Their commitment to excellence provides not only the highest quality Turboexpanders, but also the full complement of perfectly executed assemblies and systems that NEAT customers demand.

Jobs that require material traceability and certification are no problem for us. We ensure complete traceability back to the manufacturer as part of the MIL-I-45208A quality system. This is backed up with a strict planning & scheduling system that requires paperwork with material certification for every part that goes through the shop.

Inspection and Qualification

Nikkiso Expander Application Technique (NEAT) achieves the highest of efficiencies by rigorous inspection of the Turboexpander’s individual parts. Whether Nikkiso Expander Application Technique (NEAT) is returning a repaired/refurbished machine to service, or qualifying the component of a new machine for assembly, the line inspector meticulously verifies that each and every dimension is within the specified tolerance.

For new units, out of tolerance items are summarily rejected.

To maximize turnaround time for repairs of existing units, out-of-tolerance parts are immediately reviewed by NEAT’s Engineering department. Often recoating seals, replacing bearing inlays, or fabricating custom seal inserts makes for a rapid and economical repair, minimizing both downtime and expense.

Reverse Engineering

Repairing an existing Turboexpander for which little or no engineering documentation is available poses no problem for NEAT. Our dedicated shop personnel can quickly document the dimensions of existing components and then handoff details to the engineering department for design checks and, in turn, precise engineering drawings. From simple one-piece components to intricate, multilayered assemblies, NEAT can quickly reproduce vintage turboexpander components, assured to properly fit and provide years of reliable service.

The heart of the Turboexpander/Compressor is the wheel itself. NEAT’s ability to flawlessly reproduce hub and shroud contours from old parts and precisely matching the mating, casing contours guarantees maximum efficiency from an existing machine.

Intricate blade surfaces are captured with a laser scanner. From point cloud data, a blade surface model is refined. The surface model is solidified and patterned on the hub, finally translating the raw data into a solid model. Mass and center-of-gravity parameters are then able to be precisely calculated, thereby validating the rotordynamic model.